CF Tech Multijet Freezer

IQF Multijet Freezer

FREEZING LINE - IQF Multijet Freezer
Key Specification

Flexibility in handling multiple products
Fully automated lifting mechanism
Excellent product texture and appearance
Online Conveyor cleaning system
Improve yield
Compact cabin space
Eliminate downtime
Less power consumption

CF Tech Machine Manufacturer

CFTECH Double Impingement freezer gives great flexibility in terms of the great variety of products which can be frozen on the line.The double impingement technology reduces the total running cost and maximizes the production output. It is fully automated and has a self-automation method for cabin temperature. The quicker you freeze the better would be the quality of your product.

CFTECH provides specially designed impingement technology with thermofin evaporator coil, DC panel and costacurta ss belt with a unique design to ensure low maintenance cost.

Quality Control System

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Highly Professional Staff

Accurate Testing Processes