CF Tech Chillers


Key Specification

Low maintenance of Operating cost.
Excellent heat transfer.
Compact design.
Improved controlled characteristics due to refringent volume.
Capacity up to 2500kw per unit.
Suitable for cooling down to 0.5°C without risk of damage due to ice.

CF Tech Chillers

CFTECH Falling Filim Chillers transfer heat from a thing liquid falling on the outside of the plates, while the refringent passing through the inside of the plate. Cooling liquid over a wide temperature difference can be achieved. Chiller can handle all kinds of liquid; from clean water to contaminated liquids with solids. Even moderately viscous solutions can be chill economically. Our chillers are suitable for almost all regredient like R717, CO2, propylene glycol, ethylene glycol, R22, R134A and R404A.

Quality Control System

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Highly Professional Staff

Accurate Testing Processes